Master of Gu Chapter 71

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  1. He’s like that also because he just doesn’t care about them. They’re nothing in his life, mere ants. He’s just using them for now, their ressources and everything, because he’s still too weak to go alone. But once he’s strong enough…
    So yeah, walking all over his brother’s face means nothing. And it might be satisfying too.

  2. he is not cruel he is just showing the right way to survive in a fight, which is the strongest will always win right? thats why he hates his clan because they never appreciate her skill and talent, he is strong and powerful while his twin brother is a weakling and a coward but his clan supports his twin brother wtf

  3. But. . . but this is a tournament. People are supposed to get beaten up. Holding this against Fangyuan is just ignoring the context.

  4. This will make Fangyuan’s betrayal to his clan legit. He will let everyone see that how he is look down upon, even with all his talent and genius. Even though, he defeated Fangzheng, who look down upon him, fair and square people still support Fangzheng instead of accepting his talent and the fact that he won. They are more willing to see him lose and see him humiliated and insult him than accept that he even with third class talent is an exceptional student. He really is wickedly cunning.

  5. He’s not really going to act like a good person and rouse those brat’s spirits right? He just wants to fight them all together?

  6. I think Fangyuan’s plan is to give Fangzheng after allowing him to rally then deal a final crushing blow and then give some sort of impassioned act about how everyone looks down and disregard him for being a 3rd class talent . In a ploy to earn their grudging acceptance.

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