Master of Gu Chapter 70

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Well lucky for us. Author is having a 3 day update for this series from nov 8-10 so extra 3 chapters woo



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  1. Best face step move XD his brother got too boastful of his newly learned move and underestimated his bro, liking this series (even though it’s dark but in a good way?), thanks for this

  2. no explanation in the art or anywhere how he dodged the blades or suddenly appeared behind like that with no special move technique. no explanation how he surpassed the power. stepping on head would seem counter to the image he had newly decided to make of himself.

    1. No explanation? Really? Several hundred years of battle experience isn’t enough to justify dodging those Moonblades?

      It’s been explained that the power they use to activate their Gu has ZERO impact on their physical abilities. After Fang Yuan got in close, he held a tremendous advantage with his White Boar Gi giving him higher physical strength.

      Couple his strength with his battle experience, and this requires no further information.

  3. This is why his brother would never win against fangyuan. He is proudy, overly confident on his powers, is a coward, craves people’s attention and has zero battle experience.
    Fangyuan is not strong coz he is powerful. He is strong coz he is conniving, fearless, alert, always battle ready, skillful, doesn’t depend on his powers alone and most of all he has vast experience.

  4. That was cathartic. He may have used the White Boar Gu for strength but somehow I suspect that was all just pure battle prowess. That calmness of his gives him a huge advantage alone as his brother was clearly getting flustered and clumsy.

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