Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 153.2

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  1. I really believe that dongling thinks she held beiyue back. It could of gone a few ways.
    1. If she wasn’t so weak in the first place, she could of gotten away and stood beside beiyue.
    2. It’s been 5 years and beiyue hasn’t even looked for her, dong ling probably thought that beiyue was so weak that she died and that is why she didn’t look for her.
    3. Got saved somehow and after not finding beiyue she started to have a twisted sense of abandonment, she hated that she was weak, she hated that beiyue left her, she wanted to be stronger and so she started to follow a group that gave her what she wanted.

    1. that doesnt explain why she would want revenge on her tho back when the fight in the forest happend she said if she saw beiyue again she would not be nice

  2. so beiyue is changing her voice in order to hide her true identity.. now that loulou found out, i wish the princess and beiyue became friends again. i dont have much thought in dong ling. what ever happens to her i believe beiyue will still help her.

    Thanks for the Chapters..

  3. here is my assumption on what will happen beiyue will talk with the prince about god knows what and while thats happaning her students will lose then beiyue will go back out without her mask and they will fight agian

  4. My hand feels so heavy when I wanted to clicked this chapter..
    Don’t know why but I felt like crying..

    But seriously,have you ever thought that if you are the past Bei Yue..what would you feel??
    Being bullied and treated like trash..I’m so felt sympathy for her…
    And what if you’re the present Bei Yue??Although you’re so strong that no one can beat you,what’s the use of it if you doesn’t get any peace??Suffering from hardships,and feeling so useless when you can’t protect your loved ones and having the one who have been the one to protect and teach you for five years(I guess) turning into a monster(I’m sorry to teacher caused I called you a monster :P)..
    Now,you leave where you stayed for the past 5 years to exact revenge just to see your loved one became soo evil?? (I don’t care she is brainwashed or not ;D)..Although I know problems is for the growth of MC (*whisper*and face slapping)..
    But I am sad for her… πŸ™

    I keep feeling that I need to prepare tissues for the upcoming chapters..

    (Can’t believed that I wrote this…this is much longer than what I wrote on my essay exam yesterday… LMAO :0)

    By the way,thanks for the update βœ…

  5. Need to remember that BeiYue always said Dongling shouldn’t cry and get stronger. BeiYue herself also said only the strong won’t get bullied. Either Dongling thinks BeiYue is dead and is trying to get strong to revenge BeiYue, or she is living up to what BeiYue said and want to become stronger to find out what happened to BeiYue.

    1. Wish that was the case… but have you ever thought that maybe.. she is revenging herself? And she knew it was beiyue all along

  6. cant contain the excitement.

    1. Omg, shut up, will you?
      It still some few chapters, she must be has some reasons.
      If I were DongLing, I might have done the same. Because I dont know what BeiYue did for this time skip long (5 years or so?), and think that she’s abandoned me (as DongLing) from the monster snake.

      1. Then she must a total idiot if she think like that, I mean it was obvious at that time beiyue can’t win against Honglian and can’t save her, she was there and saw it with her own eyes. Instead of abandoned her theory it’s more possible that she’s brainwashed or her memory has been manipulated.

      2. Oh come on! Beiyue is the one who was fighting with the snake not dongling. At that time she was alone fighting with the snake also trying to save dongling from a bird or something. And she nearly died if blackie wasn’t there. Now when dongling became strong, she thinks who’s weak deserve to die. Then Beiyue should have killed her coz she was useless.

        1. I am quite certain that DongLing acts this way because she can’t forgive herself for dragging BeiYue down.
          She mostly likely applies “who’s weak deserves to die” to herself as well. She simply believes that BeiYue died in that fight and it is her fault. If DongLing escaped by herself or did not get caught in the first place, there would have been no reason for BeiYue to fight and she could have escaped unscathed.

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