Above All Gods Chapter 24.5

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  1. I love it. strong mc ! n he is arrogant. he actually know his strength n didn’t overkill those students. he just fought with the same power level just to teach them manners.

  2. What a dissapointment. Who does he thinks he is? Shouldn’t cultivators kill or at least cripple all their enemies and their families? Is this MC like those LNs about cowardly japanese MCs who don’t kill because muh japanese standards but they’re fine with underage sex slaves?

    1. Dude wtf. What is up with so many of you’s images on cultivators. He’s being mature, as they’re just a bunch of kids to him. You guys need to chill with your bloodlust, like, edgy much? Also, Japan has way darker sht like wtf XD they kill people too lol. I’ve read some dark stuff with Japan, there was literally a guy that killed children for revenge, I don’t see how you got that idea, there are many different types of LNs and such. Not to mention, i think this is a lot better than some other cultivation manhuas I’ve read. I’m getting sick of the perverted, childish, stupid MCs that are way to overconfident a lot of the times. They make way too enemies for the sake of the plot and the harems are way too forced.

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