Above All Gods Chapter 24

Uncategorized / Friday, November 8th, 2019

My internet has been shit whenever it rains or snows I hope no missing pages cause these new series have many small pages = =” And nope this treaasure came from some old fart that he beat up before 😛




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  1. well i guess he thinks they arent worth even that. I mean it doesnt matter to him if they still practice – they wont ever beat him.

  2. i now despise this manhua and mc. he wont kill or cripple his enemies that do this to him. dropped. its a no show. dont go to a table that wont serve a meal.

    1. He doesn’t want to make things complicated, and he obviously is way older than them and is more mature. He’s not like other MC’s who have the temper of a bull. I personally like his personality and the way he talks, it’s cool, composed, and confident. He actually sounds like an adult/immortal who knows more about the world than them. They are basically teenagers that can’t make decisions well.

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