Above All Gods Chapter 14.5

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  1. There is no right and wrong. Society that rates this kind of attitude.

    People (intelligent beings) fear power (or the unknown). If they can’t control it they try to destroy it. If they cannot destroy it, they idolize it. Thus are born the gods.

  2. he was supposed to be evil yet we have not seen that at all. the author gave him a stupid backstory that does not match the character the author chose to make!

    1. I think it’s more that he’s selfish. He cares about his friends but he also attacks against anyone who tries something. He probably offended people. when you offend people especially those from the righteous sects they’ll label you evil.

    2. Dude, being the lord of the underworld doesn’t make him evil… the author didn’t say that he was evil, the daoists of heaven did…
      He’s just cultivating a different dao.

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