Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 61.5

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  1. Oh xing tu.. you sacrificed for nothing😭 I hope you find your own happiness even if not with the FL..I wont blame you..Its not your fault xing tu…She did bad things to you too😢 Sigh..Out of all the guys..i think xing tu loves her the most.He sacrifies and loves her without asking for anything in return.he lost her and their child..she found her new love and he is left with nothing.why is everyone oblivious of the fact the she ruined his life?! He was cold towards her during their marriage is probably because its his personality.Furthermore he was forced to marry her

  2. So the ppl after her lfie likely know shes someone important and want her gone for it, and the god child lady sent to kill her knew her ex hubby who admitted he was aroudn ehr for a specific reason….

    I am assuming in the past he killed her under orders, but then used his blood to try and protect her in the past and it is effecting him in a bad way (coughing blood is a bad sign)…

    I mean if he wanted her dead in past he’d of merely done it while she was sleeping w/o any risk.

    and “not opening his eyes” when they made love likely was due to not wanting to see her so happy knowing he’d have to kill her later on. (whole “dont get attached else you cant put it down” dilemma)

  3. I do feel sorry for Xintu, that’s why I’m open for Harem end, remember this is a society where women are at the top AND allowed polygamy. Still, Jingtian is best guy for her right now, and Lishang/current husband in name is my least favorite but eh… so long as they keep helping her + keep her safe and happy in the new timeline, I’m good!

    Again, I do feel sorry for Xintu, and he’s definitely been manipulated but their interactions/married life in their past life was just so bumpy! She forced him to marry her, he lost his job/title (whatever we call his priestly duties), took him a LONG time to accept her and thereby mistake his actions as either cold, indifferent, or weird and most especially he killed their child (sure that was probably what brought him back his sanity and perform the reincarnation process, bonus points for him since MC is happier now but still… she will always have that memory and tragedy of her child. She deserves a fresh start with a new guy or have multiple guys to cheer her up!)

  4. Xintu really loves Xianxue but unfortunately he was controlled by someone to kill her. He really cares for her and he even used his blood to resurrect Xianxue. Oh my poor xintu..hope you will succeed in protecting your love.

  5. I want her to marry everyone in her harem all at once, so no main, 2nd, or 3rd husband XD
    and btw Thanks for the hardwork Leaf and the team! with a lot of <3

  6. I love xintu, I hope no matter where this story goes and what trial and circumstances they’ll in counter, I want xentu to be her real husband..

    Pls! Let them be husband and wife!.
    Im sick, 😞….
    I love this story thanx a lot for the update…😍

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