Rebirth of the Divine Doctor Chapter 6.5

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11 Replies to “Rebirth of the Divine Doctor Chapter 6.5”

  1. “How dare you come here?” Did he miss the part in which the PATRIARCH said she could go? Like, no need to fight, just say he is questioning the patriarch.

  2. For someone who is thirteen she looks like 8 year old. They should have made her a little more tall and a slightly more mature
    Fight little girl…show that stupid bully u r not the same anymore

      1. Dude… she’s in her teen. She looks like elementary school student rather than high school. N girls grow faster so she should have more height and slightly more mature body. Face is fine

  3. Thats right!! Show him your not easy to bully anymore!

    Haha thank you for the updates Everyone who has worked on this 🙂

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