Goddess Creation System Chapter 251.5

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  1. Dammit, the Duke is adorbs!!!
    Honestly, Xiaxi is acting more like she used to when she entered the world (a bit more lively and carefree).

  2. She is so talktive and cheerful here…. I didn’t notice that I missed this kind of Xiaxi, though she could’t be like that before

    1. It’s just my thought but i think If she cuts the root then the tree will collapse, so if he die all the people he turned will disappear. That’s all i can think about cuz it’s totally stupid to just kill the nice guy for no reason.

  3. Not sure if there really is no reset button… I don’t think it confirms that she can’t go back to the beginning again and redo. It’s sorta like a game where you start over every time you fail.

  4. it is kinda a problem that she has never failed. should have had a few of those. tutorial set it up but she has been too lucky. some stories where they have to do multiple times are decent.

    1. It’s because she instantly dies when she does fail, just like how she died in the tutorial mode. At least we have one thing that’s realistic. We can only have one chance in life. There is no going back in death.

      1. Agreed. Plus she almost died when she got close to failing the side mission for the brothers. Maybe since the missions are supposed to be more difficult, she might have more close to death situations and side quests that’ll really amp things up.

  5. hmm… Aren’t vampires already dead tho? I mean, they don’t need sleep, Don’t have a heartbeat, don’t need air, don’t need rest, don’t need nutritional food to eat just blood, and lastly pale asf. I think there’s a loophole in this mission.

  6. this whole venice arc….. made everyone speak dracula… it was amazing yet questionable.

    I really do hope she can finally be done with the system and found true love who can see who she is.

    But I am guessing it will take a long time since now she is in intermediate mode. Which mean…. there is probably hard mode or hell mode….
    dear heavens.. pls just let her be free soon before any of the reader dies ;<

    1. Yes. I was wondering why her personality seems to have changed. I was thinking it’s all for show. And it probably changed because the difficulty level increased to intermediate so she knows her old tricks won’t work anymore, she has to adapt.

  7. When he said, “It was only a bag of stones.” I thought he meant ‘Gems are just rocks to me. They mean nothing.’

    Nope. Was an actual bag of stones.

  8. Woah.. She’s straightforward here.

    Directly said “make you fall in love with me”🤭🤭

    But that vampire seem nice.. Does she really have to kill him?😞

        1. But you know, there’s a loophole, right? Not in killing him but in surviving from not killing him! At least if these vampires follow general guidelines of our vampires! Yes, some legends say ther’re able to be under the sun.

          Failing a mission makes her heart stop, correct? But vampires don’t have beating hearts to begin with! So she could:
          1. fail her mission,
          2. die
          3. get turned into a vampire (since after death if you come soon enough, you can still turn the just died person into one)
          4. she lives without killing the guy!

          1. I wonder if time would still reset if she fails, or if that was just for the tutorial.

            And there’s always the other reason – not everyone likes eternal life…

          2. Oh, yeah! I didn’t think of that! Well, I don’t really think at all, so… Hahahaha! But the mission said “Unable to kill the duke” or something at first. That’s why I’m kind of confused.

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