Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 60

Uncategorized / Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

Please give your thanks to Kiku + Tisi + Reinie. And Kiku again for last chapter! Cause I forgot to credit her 😛 And readers I have something to tell you….A Cliff…



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  1. I mean it’s kinda sad because no one pointed out how the MC kind of ruined him? It was emphasized that he was heavily devoted to his faith then she raped him. Maybe then he felt resentment and then killing her just made him insane. That’s why in his reincarnation he is no longer his once pure self. I mean, I don’t know who’s side to take anymore T_T
    Couldn’t they just reincarnate him as a whole without those past memories? I mean IT WAS HER FAULT HIS LIFE GOT RUINED.

  2. So he murdered and revived her? 🤨🤔 why the hell did he do this dumb thing? He could have just not kill her and their child…. idiot

    1. Judging from some of his memory panels, it is heavily hinted he was manipulated and the news about her pregnancy managed to bring back his sanity.

      Still City Lord end for me or Harem end

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