Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 228.5

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  1. Seeing how Yao shi is now and knowing what happens to her (No, she doesn’t die tragically) is genuinely really saddening

    1. If they show the 9th prince now, Rujia will fall for him. Either that or the 7th prince like The nasty sister. I get what you mean tho. I´d like to se more of A-Heng and her prince together. I mean A-Heng is a force on her own enough, but add the prince to the mix and one can literally pull out both popcorn and cola… hehe.

      I wonder what kind of trouble the pair could fling on this mother daughter pair at…?

      Thank you Leaf and Leaf team for your hard work

  2. After so many chapters about those envoys, I really miss the 9th prince, and even the 7th. At least Aheng shouldn’t meet that envoy prince alone, it’s a bit… But with her fiance there, it would be fine. She can also claim she’s taking care of him, that is officially medical care.

  3. Haven’t seen the 9th prince for so long, will he show face for the next chapters?
    Just love to see Aheng with the 9th prince together they make a perfect couple who always support each other no matter what 😍
    Thank you Leaf & Team for the updates 🥰

    1. I also want to know, so I’ll check later if any other reply (besides mine) appears. After all, while it might just be that Aheng was repeating that line in her mind, I’m not sure.

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