Above All Gods Chapter 1.5 *NEW*

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    1. From What I can tell this guy is the strongest martial artist in this world but he was hit with divine judgement. Refusing to submit to the wills of heaven he choose to defy it no matter how long it will take.

    2. Obviously the Mc become the most powerful man in the world fuel by vengence as those sects destroy his sect and family. As he became too powerful, they all form a group to kill the Mc but fail miserably. And because he is too powerful, the immortals in heaven probably felt threatened by his potential and so killed him using the heavenly laws while he’s still weaker than them. He’s probably gonna reincarnate and cultivate back up again to slay the heaven.

  1. OoO … He died so soon… and is that the female lead ? What an introduction…
    Hopefully the next chapters will be as exciting !
    Thank you Leaf, as usual, you’re the best 🙂

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