Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 59.5

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  1. OMG I font know what happen, but Im crying after reading this 😭 he loves her, but she already have someone and much more happier. I feel sad for xintu

  2. Wah! Plot twist?
    Well, I think it’s kinda late for him now cos she’s got so many men now
    And he missed the opportunity in life no.1

  3. So, we now have proof Xingtu at least remembers the first life. Judging from the memory panels, I guess he really was being controlled by someone and he was also the one who most likely made her reincarnate. Is this enough to reship the two though? They had a simple marriage and I guess but he did learn to love her eventually (otherwise he wouldn’t sacrifice this much). Still, either City Lord end or harem end for me. Because of her choices now, she’s become happier and has a better life, her father’s still alive and she’s being doted on by at 5-6 powerful (either in martial arts or in politics) individuals. What’s stopping me from fully shipping her with Xingtu is ofc he killed their baby (yes, yes he was manipulated but still to a mother, especially since it was her first child, it might not be an easy thing to forget)

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