The Peerless Concubine Chapter 91.5

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  1. this goes on, and goes on, and goes on and then, still goes on………….
    she beats them up then gets beating. Then that shen saves her and those bitches still keep lingering around her, getting beating now and then…….. And it still goes on…… I am tired of this…. Hoping to witness something new soon…………..

    1. It wasn’t a birth mark, they explained it was a slow poison that was passed through to her from her mother to her and her That left it’s mark ans making those medicine and training have made it fade and it was completely gone when she had her breakthrough fighting her ex fiance which when people said she’s now beautiful or some shit.

  2. I never get bored of watching shen beat everyone up but like can something maybe happen please ;-;
    it’s been so long that i can’t even remember why they’re in the forest. No offence to the author though because i really like the idea of the story i just think this isn’t really building up to anything and it’s just a flat area in the plot. I hope to see some new exiting things soon ^.^

  3. I had to skip 30 chapters to verify if the story still had literally no change at all, and everything is still exactly the same. The author of this story has got to be a mentally disabled fool for keeping this up for so long and the readers who can still enjoy this after all this time even more so.

    1. I get the story is starting to repeat itself but, there’s no need to make crude remarks or call the author disabled. Everyone here is allowed to enjoy the story without having to read your uncalled-for opinions about the author if you’re going to nit pit and rude don’t read the story or keep it to your self because calling someone disabled is not something you should do even as a joke and you own the author an apology.

  4. Except the fifth Yan basically all the member of the yan family are totally dumb. The elder Yan is so blinded in love that he doesn’t even see that chouming is using him. The third brother is completely idiot to blindly believe those stupid girls babbling. He doesn’t even bother to find the truth and here I thought he will be more rational and mature

  5. Oh my.. im tired of this.. why.. just why?. Such a losser.. just make them crippled!! Cuz death goes to easy to the shameless group.. please make this lame arc end.. repeated endlessly.. sob sob sob..

  6. I didn’t read the last 20 chapters or so…and it doesn’t feel like I missed anything. She either beats up or gets beaten up by the same people… At this point just… I don’t know…kill them or leave the country.

  7. It’s now 91 episode and still the story is not progressing author sama plz do something. And yeah I do want to see our girl being dangerous so that no one can be near. And plz upload daily😍😍😍

  8. This is getting tiring…
    It’s basically just Bai Chuoming, Ruge and Yan Haofeng’s petty fighting everyday
    This has been going on for like 20 chapters and there’s like no plotline anymore

    1. Seriously. The last fifty chapters have just been these same people showing up, barking around, getting beat up, then turning up again. Were they rugs in their previous lives to enjoy being laid out on the floor every day.

  9. this is awful. still leave them alive after they tried to kill them many times. she could go drain that guy to get stronger right now so that she can be the one winning instead of relying upon shen, but of course not. this is junk.

  10. Taking a break off this, I feel I’m re-reading the same thing over and over, and it’s been going for 40-50 chapters… out of 90, it’s no longer entertaining.
    In any case, thanks for the great work Leaf and co., good speed and quality, will be following the rest of the series as always.

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