Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 227.5

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  1. We need some lovey dovey scenes for our couple! It’s been such a long time since they have been together! Thanks for the updates, great job!💗

  2. You would think coming from snow country she could managed or they would boast that they have a special boot that is anti-slip resistant. lol But really she couldn’t wait until Mr. Feng helped Aheng out 1st – then he could have helped out Princess. Why didn’t the maid help her out instead of running her mouth?

      1. You seem to know the future, oh Wise One.😊. Will we get to see Ah-Heng and the 9th prince together again soon? I’m so hopeful!! 😁

  3. I like this chapter. Yes Aheng! put them in their rightful place. They should be shameful.

    Also, thanks for the update. You know I love you guys, right? 😉

  4. At this point it’s 100% sure, that Kangyi wants to get into Feng’s family AT ALL COSTS. A little slip and she’s already fainted? Can’t she try to make it more realistic? Like add a scream or groan. Well, as obnoxious as that fake fall is, I like next event, the quick slap-n-send to death response of Aheng.
    Thanks for the update! Thanks Leaf and all who worked on this!

    1. Having grown up in the suburbs where rain was common, i can say ice on concrete or stone like that is tricky. But if you grew up in it, nornally you are more aware of your surroundings. Sooo this princess more fake than aheng’s “persian” teacher

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