Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 226

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  1. If you don’t remember, YuHeng told her mom that she remembered BuCong (I think on the way to the Bu family funeral, the one she was… invited to, which is not only a big no no socially, but even though Bu was an honorable consort, she was a young miss of a ministers family and engaged to a favored prince, so the status was in YuHengs favor too, then they tried making her bow to them) but she actually didn’t remember, she had her guard background check the Bu family. If I remember, he’s the only Bu YuHengs mom said was worth befriending, but his proposal was rejected because her father was trying to get her the 9th prince engagement by using her Yao family name (right before sending them to the mountains because the Yao grandpa failed to cure a favored concubine of the emperor’s).

  2. Yep, can’t remember, so it’s decided, it’s just a new mystery dude 😀
    Obviously something is going on, but let’s wait for the next chapters, for more details.
    Thanks for the release!

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