Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 226.5

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  1. Oh boy, it seems some people will need a whole ton of aloe vera. I guess it’s a good idea to invest in some special plantations and cremes for burns. Aheng is good for making money. Well, those idiots there acting like that, no big surprise. It would be sad to just leave them alone.
    Thanks for the hard work!

  2. Obviously Bu Cong still has a unique obsession towards Aheng… At one point, he did ask Minister Feng to let him marry Aheng, but Bu Cong wasn’t a high ranking military official then, so Feng Jin Yuan didn’t agree. Bu Cong is the brother of Bu Ni Shang -the one who challenged Aheng on archery and the one who got r*ped in the suburbs.

    1. well, to make it more complicated (and I had a long, indepth post about this, that didn’t post)…

      The Bu family has a few grievances against Aheng at this point. Mostly their own fault, but still.

      First, the whole ker-fluffle at the Dusk Banquet resulted in Secretary Bu being killed by the Emperor in a rage and his and Nishang’s aunt, Consort Bu, being seriously injured.

      Second, Bu Nishang blamed Aheng for the gang-rape (which was true, although she had no proof), but Aheng wasn’t to blame for Nishang being pregnant before it happened (4th Prince or someone she knew on the side took liberties, it seems. Aheng did mention Banzou didn’t kidnap her from home, he found Nishang already on the street and a little drunk or something like that, if I read context right). The kidnapping was Aheng’s retaliation for Bu Nishang providing the same poison/aphrodisiac (depending on the dose, it seems) candles to Feng Chenyu that she used to try and kill Aheng with in Phoenix County.

      Third, said aunt died before he got back to the capital.

      So, on the one hand, he’s lost an aunt and grandfather and had his little sister’s life ruined due to conflict with Aheng. On the other hand, he probably -really- doesn’t want to poke the hornet’s nest of ‘Consort Yun, 7th Prince, 9th Prince, and the Emperor’s favor for Aheng’ right now, since the Emperor did just order another family eradicated for trying to kill her. It’s a nasty situation for him, either way, even without any lingering affection he had for her.

      1. Do u remeber the chapter range this was in as i can bearly remeber who this guy is i remeber the situations u were talking about but not this guy and who would want to ask for ahengs hand in marriage when she was already betrothed to the prince

          1. Quick reminder, or something like that:
            During an early banquet (early chapters I mean) Aheng was challenged by another girl, they ended up competing in archery, and Aheng used a triple shot (impossible IRL) to hit a very far target, thus shamed that girl, kinda.
            Much later, when the whole Feng family went to their clan base, (probably)ChenYu used a candle with aphrodisiac in Aheng’s room, quite a large dose, but Aheng hid under the bed and then in her special space (not 100% sure, but they never found her for a couple days) while the room was set ablaze, again not sure who started it.
            Some time later, after that idiot ChenYu and her bigger brother got the same candle and then did the deed, Aheng found out who the supplier was, the Bu family. Even later, she manages to set up that Bu girl, to get drugged/drunk and lost outside, then gang raped.
            However, that was even worse for that wench, because it was revealed that she was already pregnant at that point, thus not a virgin by her own doing, not that event. I think she soon killed herself.
            Those are the big events, but the Bu family suffered more due to Aheng’s retaliation.

          2. Strongly implied, as Bu Nishang, when Aheng and Chenyu visited her, was a bit wounded and Aheng baited her sister into proclaiming that at least she wasn’t humiliated by over ten men, which implies what happened to Bu Nishang, more or less.

            As an aside, I go by the Manhua, not the LN, which probably has more info and the like, just because, well, it’s the info I’ve got.

        1. Dusk Banquet (First bit where Bu Nishang decides to go after Aheng despite Aheng offering her a face-saving way of not competing. Consort Bu Baiping accidentally insults Consort Yun). Also some musing on General Bucong being responsible for the rise of the Bu Family’s status, if I recall, in the previous chapters before her meeting with Consort Yun (9th’s mother). Consort Yun also revealed that she should watch out for the Bu Family ahead of time, so there was a little trouble suspected: Around Chapters 60 – 63

          Consort Bu injured, Secretary Bu killed: Chapter 64. Secretary Bu’s death confirmed in Chapter 70, where it is mentioned the Bu Family sent word to General Bucong on the southern border. Aheng’s mother confirms that Bu Bucong’s father, Bu Baiqi, had a good relationship with the Yao family.

          Consort Bu revealed to be badly injured and on a litter. Publicly blames Feng Aheng for the death of her father to her brother and the other mourners at her father’s funeral in Chapter 71. Bu Nishang tells her aunt that they’ll have revenge. This is still in public, mind you. Aheng taunts Bu Baiping a bit by noting that her father was killed due to the Royal Consort’s actions (IE, Bu Baiping’s own temper) and suggests that she take revenge for her father’s death on the perpetrator. Basically, she told Bu Baiping to go kill herself. Grandmother Feng is very upset by the Bu Family, up until she gets to enjoy the Schadenfreude of 9th Prince showing up to unleash his fury at someone who isn’t her family this time.

          Chenyu reveals that she got the poison/aphrodisiac candles from the Bu Family, specifically Bu Nishang. End of Chapter 73.

          Bu Nishang tries to do Something to Aheng at court when she’s revealed to have survived the fire in Phoenix County and is now the County Princess of Jian. Chapter 88.

          Aheng’s cat revealed to have died in Chapter 93.

          Chapter 94 to 95ish is when she finishes her examination of the cat, notes that the poison it died from is the same that was put in her room’s candle in the Feng ancestral home in Phoenix County. Banzou perfectly willing to help her get revenge (he was -really- unhappy when he thought she was killed in that fire, even before 9th Prince started trying to beat him to death). Also reveals that while Banzou went to kidnap Bu Nishang and dump her in the slums where the afore-mentioned rape happened, Bu Nishang was already out alone on the streets at night in some degree of deshablie, implying she’d been on the way back from whoever she was having sex with. Aheng takes Chenyu to visit Bu Nishang, allowing her to subtly taunt them both as well as reveal that she knows they were both conspiring against her. Pretty much her last warning to Chenyu for ‘if you keep starting shit, you’ll end up as badly as Bu Nishang’ (who miscarried after finding out the 4th Prince canceled their engagement).

          Chapter 101: 7th Prince notes that the Imperial Physicians did save Bu Nishang’s life, and the Bu Family were preparing to send her off to a temple/nunnery.

          Chapter 116: Consort Bu Baiping is revealed to have passed away in the Cold Palace, aka, the place where disfavored consorts and spouses are sent. Aheng notes that it’s going to be important how the Bu Family reacts, as they’re a bit of a wildcard and the Emperor doesn’t seem to have a set attitude towards them (IE, he banished Consort Bu Baiping but sent General Bu Bucong on an important secret mission to the South).

          1. Bu Family kinda drops out of focus in the Manhua after this (which, really, makes sense as their High Ranking Royal Consort is dead, Secretary Bu is dead (possibly Bu Baiqi, although given how large high ranking clans could be, could easily be a different brother or the like. All we know is the official from the Bu family who was killed was Bu Baiping’s father, not necessarily Bu Nishang and Bu Bucong’s grandfather), and their eldest daughter was sent to the nunnery, General Bucong was away on a mission, and the rest of the family either had the common sense to not start shit (at least without a powerful supporter around) or didn’t want to risk pissing off the 9th Prince (who, keep in mind, has -literally burned family compounds to the ground with his soldiers- when annoyed by said family’s daughter and just gotten the Emperor to laugh about it) for a while until General Bucong does his riding up bit.

  3. and he is angry? she should beat him! and guy stands there, idk what he is about. so he thinks they replaced her, so what? he scared she gave him a discount?

    1. perhaps he had feelings for her at first but her death caused him grief?
      perhaps he played a part in her removal and is afraid of retribution?

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