Rebirth of the Divine Doctor Chapter 2.5

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11 Replies to “Rebirth of the Divine Doctor Chapter 2.5”

  1. This is exactly the same as ‘Miracle Doctor,Abandoned Girl’ o.o

    It a re-release or rewrite?

    Tis a good series none the less, nice to see it in english finaly xD

    1. I believe it a rewrite because Miracle Doctor. Abandoned Girl was cancelled after only 32 chapters left unfinished. It just end abruptly I’m happy it got a rewrite

      1. Can´t wait for it to get to chapter 32 and past. I liked the original but this has better art work. Original explaned the start a bit more detailed than this one tho. I´d be confused if I had not read the previous version. I did find the written versions of the chapters online, but just reading is not as much fun. So big thank you to Leaf and Leaf team for this

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