Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 57.5

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  1. I’m shipping her with the red hair guy. Please dont kill my ship. There are too many guys and I think the red guy loves her the most. Her lover that killed her before, pls no repeat on that love.

  2. Wait WHAT!?!? what master? sooo does that mean that he is the mentor that she meant on the Chapter 8.2? the one who taught her everything she knows? I mean “that mentor” who lives in the neighboring country who took her in as an apprentice?

  3. Hmhmh~ Father figure or potential love rival? What does everyone think? (I’m personally leaning more towards the former x’DDD)

      1. I think he is a father figure! The red hair guy is acting sketchy…I don’t like that she would stop considering what’s the best for herself and only listen to him. I hope the new guy is going to protect her from red-haired guys treachery.

        Seems like there are so many guys who would protect the main charachter, but also so many that would kill or use her..unexpectedly tricky to have a harem

        1. ohhhh! this is a good theory! Actually it may also be that Li Shang’s proposal is the safest one since he is the head of the pavilion, and is most likely knowledgeable in almost everything (so if someone would like to kill her he would know). Hence also the safest and most practical offer to accept..

          But only if she isn’t the flower hearted girl that she is now. :'(

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