The Peerless Concubine Chapter 89

Uncategorized / Monday, October 7th, 2019

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5 Replies to “The Peerless Concubine Chapter 89”

  1. This cunt has become too unlikeable at this point, she’s way too retarded to be relatable. I’m dropping it.

    To be honest, I should have dropped it long ago, but I read GCS here and it was good, so my expectations and tolerance were both quite high. 70 chapters in, and my tolerance was exhausted, and at this point, there’s no way for me to continue reading this shit.

    I should have known from the title. How can an author who cannot even come up with a decent title come up with a decent story? The main character is most of the time half a reflection of the author, and I can confidently say the author must be a moron.

    1. How can a limp-dick, cousin fucker with no taste in stories think their opinion matters when they their existance itself doesn’t? Take your answer for your own question and there you go. It’s any wonder why your dumb ass decided your opinion needed to be known. Go sit on a donkey’s dick you overweight sad sack of poorly packaged horse shit. Enjoy getting destroyed in the next comment set!

    1. Can’t be. They appeared at the same time when he snatched the fox from HaoFeng. Unless he (like some foxes in asian culture) can clone himself? Idk x’DDD

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