The Peerless Concubine Chapter 89.5

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  1. Can that shen guy just cut of those bastard’s head?im sick of them and their schemes i want a new opponent for the mc.

    1. no no no..he will let this pebbles be stepping stone for our mc’s growth.. that’s why mc was thanking him for guarding them in hiding

  2. Really good work but sometimes I really have to ask myself what those guys must be thinking. How many times do you need your enemy’s to try to murder you to just retaliate and end them. Even budha isn’t that forgiving

  3. Well 3rd brother yan really have no brain and he is suffering from brainless love. Better find doctor to cure yourself. If it’s too late you can see yourself in dead hand. And those bitch and Bastard really i must a shameless group. A full group of liar and always find a way to disturb other. Even animal can send that they are not a good person. But 3rd brother can’t sens it. How pitiful of you 3rd brother yan.

  4. Yan Haoxuan: YOU!!!
    *Whispers* Shuut uuup, the stupid love rival of mine is right there! *Points to his right*
    He gonna kill me if he knows! So STFU and GTFO!!!! >:I

    1. Chuoming doesn’t want elder or 3rd brother Yan. She wants gentleman Shen, Hah!!! Go Ling Ruge, she even got Chuoming’s crush!!!

  5. What do you mean she keeps trying to hurt Chuoming?! You guys are really stupid!!! You are the ones who keep trying to kill her and when things turn around and karma got you, you always like to point fingers and put all the blame to Ruge! These shameless lot!

    1. Chuoming, elder Yan, her cousin and friend are all liars!!! No wonder the 5th brother Yan doesn’t like his brother or hangs out with him, he even has a different teacher than his elder brother. He appears to be the only bright light in the Yan family! 3rd brother is dumb in love. When Chuoming blows him away and shows she prefers Gentleman Shen, hope he doesn’t commit suicide or somtheing? This is a school project.

  6. Grrr.. i feel so emotional reading this.. what why those bastard so shameless!! So wacky so nonsense.. grrr.. someone please beat them into the pulp!!.. grrrrrrrrrr!!

  7. Awww~ We saw that blush, Gentleman Shen! x3333 On a side note– during the stare-off 5th Yan bro and Ziye switched eye-colours lololol~ xDDD

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