Rebirth of the Divine Doctor Chapter 1.5 *NEW*

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    1. According to the original story she was born a simpleton, who got bullied by everyone in the household. Her mother lost favour with her father because she became ill and can’t cultivate further. Our mc tried to eat the food offering in the family altar and got caught, she got beaten up by her brother’s servants they forced her to eat the ash from the big cauldron behind her. She cought up the ash in their face and they smashed her head into the cauldron. That moment she died, the servants panicked and ran out. She got reincarnated because she swallowed a red pill in the ash, it even restored her mind and gave her the red mark on her hand. In this version we got a timeskip, she woke up from nightmare. In the old version she woke up at the spot, no timeskip, met with her nanny and then her brother confronted them, then her mother defended her.

      I think it was stupid of the authors to cut the introduction of this new version short, I had to read up the old version to know what was even happening. The old version’s name is: Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Girl.

      1. She wasn’t born a simpleton. When she was a newborn, her father’s family servant has thrown her on the ground and she gravely injured her head

  1. Is this not the same as Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Girl its really the same the mark on the hand and the mother defending her from her cusion.

      1. I was wondering the same thing, those two have a lot in common, including the names. I agree tho, this new version has characters that look better. I wonder if there will be plot changes when the story progresses? Thank you Leaf and Leaf team

      2. Yeah but I think the other version explained the beginning a bit more coherently. Oh well. I just can’t wait the see the male leads then … all pretty boysssssss

  2. So… The MC is daughter of the third miss… and this new woman is the third miss… So is she the MC’s mother? Seems interesting. first time I see an MC’s mother that is not a pushover. (or maybe it’s just the mother in Shen Yi Di Nu that is too useless)

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