The Peerless Concubine Chapter 88.5

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    As expected, they’re not even gonna need a few minutes rest to be fine. Ruge is a total moron. This fucking retard keeps letting them go scott free every time she wins, and her [email protected] is gonna explode if she loses even once (if she wasn’t the MC who had plot fucking armor).

    1. Oh ha ha, You wanna know why she lets them off time and time again? Because if she kills them, she’ll have their whole family after her as supsect #1. She knows she can’t handle that and has her own plans which come first before any low-life peon like those who have tried to harm her. Just shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down you limp-dicked twat.

    1. I want teen vampire to get a staked.

      Tighty Whitie needs to stop thinking with his weapon. Also, why is he even there? It’s supposed to be a training exercise thing for the students and he’s been away from the city for long enough for the object of his fascination to have no idea what connection she has to him, so he probably isn’t meant to be there at all.

      1. He’s the older brother (whether directly blood related, clan, or teacher, I’m not completely certain) and was passing by when he saw what looked like one of his brothers being bullied, stepped in, and got entangled in the whole mess, as far as I can tell, and is now reacting based on bad information.

        Could be wrong, been a while and I read a LOT of crazy revenge manhua, so I might have my plotlines mixed up!

  2. the moment he was illusioned, his guard was down, she could have killed and drained right there instead of letting him walk. and then got the others.

  3. I think the antagonists in this series are a bunch of masochists. They keep on getting hurt and beaten but still wants more πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Yea I agree, if it wasn’t for the different hair colours or clothing, I would have mixed up LRG and the other side characters lol.

  4. Iam really feeling asham of reading this because this stupid people don’t even know the truth and keep bugging ling ruge n keep following bitch choumming. I hope this brother yan will get a proper welcome. Lin ruge my girl let him tasted what is it like to keep following you. Beat him to death he can’t even sense of wrong doing around his people are vicious and blinded by choumming. Well I hope ling ruge will take all his power up. Thats time I will feel satisfied to see him weak. 😎😎😎😎😎

  5. I keep getting annoyed with them calling Ling Ruge viscious when firstly they poisoned Ruge’s brother stealing his cultivation power, was so ruthless to Ruge’s family, humiliated her so many times, tried to kill her so many times, and they still got the guts to say that Ruge was viscious? Bruhh, Ruge keep letting you guys go even if you’re the only ones who keep bothering her and her family in the first place. This people are so stupid, by now they should know to stay clear of Ruge and her brother since karma always bite their asses.

  6. Those characters is long overdue. When will they go? It’s getting boring when every single chapter is exactly the same as the previous πŸ™

    1. pretty sure gentleman shen is just watching in the shadow, he doesnt want to keep interfering so that fmc can get stronger, atleast this is what i belief lol

  7. Uhhh… Yan Bro #1? Lying to yourself isn’t healthy… Yes, RuGe TECHNICALLY had something to do with it, but it was your fist that landed on ChuoMing, not hers. What ‘It was Ling RuGe that injured her’? That was all on you, Yan Bro #1 =_=;;;

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