Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 141.3

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  1. All this is good and all, but somehow I still miss master fluffy. Not from a romantic point of view, but he was a great teacher/master. It would be great if he could come to life again someday…

    1. Same.. it still makes me cry whenever I remember how he died/left. I hope he does come back to life.. and that revenge will be given for him. I hope that ***** blue haired girl will die in the most cruel way possible 😤😤

    1. Pretty sure they already told us. The machine has apparently side effects and she died while playing(probably when she fell from the cliff a glitch happened and killed her in real life too), sang ran(her actual friend) I think cried over her grave and all that.

      So she died and reincarnated in this world.

  2. They’re just one person split into two xD, just look at their face the only difference is their eyes, moge has square eyes and lianwan has round eyes xD

  3. Ooh so that’s why Yan moge is invisible. Suprising, I’ll very looking forward for this couple. And Thankyou so much Big Red, timelessleaf, hope lianwan will be together with yan moge forever 😍

  4. aww.. jealous now?

    these two are so cute together lately..😍😍😍

    imma throw coffin prince, thunder roots and demon lord to the side…
    gonna ship these two for real!!! yan moge ❤️ lianwan 😆😆
    throwing all my bets on them..hahaha 😍😍😍

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