Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 55.5

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  1. Why can’t she have all the men? Rofl… back in the days kings and rulers have more than 100wives, now that women are in power in this story she can have all the men she wants 🤤😏

  2. Jingtian has her in her dark times-from the struggles and the things she go through, from childhood to now. AND THAT ID IS WHY HE Was choosen by her

  3. I swear, her self proclaimed hubby’s new look (with the matching dark clothes) makes him twice as attractive! Even my issue with his feminine looks are dying down!
    Still, he WAS the shadiest out of her harem and the one whose feelings were the least genuine, I could get the rest so he’s not my top choice (City Lord main route ftw! Followed by Harem end, remember everyone, we are in a world where women take charge and are allowed with Polygamy! She has 4-5 handsome guys vying for her but I admit as of now City Lord is physically the weakest (since everyone else already has powers) so the other 4 need to protect her jist as much

  4. Okay…. so what if the author made a huge plot twist in the end and the female lead married them all together at the same time… wait is that possible?

  5. So he really likes her now? When did that happen? o_O I notice a chapter or two ago, he was uncomfortable with how close Jingtian and MC were, but I thought that was just him being possessive and not wanting to be made to wear a green hat. Doeshe really like her now? How…? When? OTL So confuzzled QAQ

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