Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 148.2

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  1. It’s dong ling she thought mc betray her because she saw the mc leaving without even trying to find her. mc could just ask her teacher’s help.

  2. It’s definatly Dong Ling…
    Sigh…Dong Ling…why can’t u understand? Beyue tried to save you but failed and now Beyue is getting her revenge on donglian for killing dongling ( but dong ling is still alive ). Poor FL I hope dong ling will understand

  3. That…d-darn i hate to admit it but…that is definitely Donglian.. i even checked what her “so called sister” looks like and Donglian..and saw the difference in their eye color..so its donglian not her sister…*sigh* dis is making me cry…donglian…why did you..

  4. Its either donglian..or her “so called sister” but i’m sure donglian will never be like that!! Bc she is loyal and most importantly have a deeep trust in our mc… soo nope…not donglian..but definetly her “sister”

  5. what does being up to date mean? will we be able to get more releases? i’m new to the leaf community and don’t know much about the system here. Also, thank you for the recent updates leaf!

  6. But didn’t the blood-thing pill change that one guy’s appearance therefore it could change the maids as well. Idk who it is but I highly doubt it is the maid unless her memory was altered.

  7. I get that everyone thinks it’s her maid, but that makes no sense. Unless her memories were altered, she wouldn’t have said for Beiyue to not see her again, especially knowing that both the prince and princess couldn’t do anything to help out. I’d also think that Bei’s spiritual beasts would have sensed it’s her. She looks much more similar to her “sister” that tried to kill her by using that one blind guy but got ditched in the forest.

    1. Wait a sec which sister again the who used the 1 blind eye man? I mean somehow i dont remember her when i read the manhua again….

  8. Definitely DongLing
    She’s probably hating BeiYue for not sparing a single effort to look for her despite having sworn to be sisters prior to the separation 5 years ago.

    1. Have to agree with this. You’d think she’d go chase after the monster that took her. At least checking later to confirm she actually did die would’ve been nice. Maybe even just to get her body/bones to bury or something. I mean she thought of dongling like family apparently.

  9. I think she is dongling because of her appearance, but she would hold a grudge against our FL that she would n’t save her.
    How can she know that bei Yue try to save HER? Her sense was lost after being captured by that bastard 9 head bird.

  10. Yeah… I’m thinking the masked lady is the second sister that supposedly got killed by that other guy (Molian I think?)

    Thanks again, leaf and friends! ^u^

      1. Her maid woudn’t want to kill Beiyue.
        If it’s hee stepsister then nahh… old potatos are old enought. What i mean is: why can not she stays deat? I hate when autors once and again bring aready dead people to the picture. She was once already almous death (mercenary camp) and she came back. If she is alive she should already get a hint and do not try to mess with Bei once again. What a stupidy. Doing the same thing once and again and expecting difrent results that a madness.

        Anyway THANK U ALL FOR CHAPTERS! <3

        1. Her maid wouldn’t want to kill her? You must be new to the genre.
          The hair and eyes match dongling and the stepsister was very thoroughly killed by molian 5 years ago.

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