Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 139.5

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  1.     ❤❤     ❤❤  

  2. Uwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Thankyou all, I love you so much timelessleaf, Big Red and Jellie 😘😘😘😘😘😘. OH MY GOODNESS, IT WAS GREAAAT. OUUUH, I’m speechless 🤧🤧🤧😍

  3. The ship has finally resurfaced after having been thrown under the bus for who knows how long! Thankfully the Underworld arc was interesting (I still missed the ship and clearly tortoise shell grew up splendidly that the fanservice was great!), only love rival was practically nonexistent, tortoise shell gave up the life water without a fight and still has great chemistry with MC (but my top 3 main ship for her will always be Yan, Master Fluffy, and the other god), she got some new demon level materials for alchemy, Tiger-san has a new form, and she gained one of the monarchs as allies.

    Hopefully, the path of vengeance of blue haired fake b*tch’s downfall will now start soon!

  4. Omg such a big cliffhanger niceeeee… Leaf Senpai~

    But seriously dis is da best chapter everrrrr… i wishh fluffy errrmmm.? Fluffy….(can’t remember his name) will also get revived daaaaamn

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    LOVE ITS LOVE !!!!!!!!!1

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