The Peerless Concubine Chapter 76.5

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  1. Why are all the villians in here so stupid??
    Delusional and self entitled ones are the worst. Good lord, someone give them a reality check.

  2. Bai chouming, woman are you deaf? Didn’t you hear that Shen loves Ruge and yet Ur dreaming of him? He clearly doesn’t care for you…what’s your deal man. Just coz he doesn’t suck up to you…u have to suck up to him😒😒

    1. What she says really makes no sense here. I mean, I could get it if that guy just snatched the tiger for himself – but he literally took it and gave to Ruge, saying that he loves her. By all accounts it should feel much, MUCH worse than Ruge merely snatching it – it’s a combo of losing the tiger and being shown your place where your love/idol clearly favors another woman AND a woman you already hate and consider your enemy as it is.

      1. Agreed man. Seriously. I would be more put off if the guy I like openly declares his love for the woman I despise and actually get what I have for her. But I guess women here have zero dignity except Ruge

  3. I dont care what was your previous relationship.
    I just want the next of Ling Ruge story and even romance 😅
    Does she become a consort? How???
    When will we know his real identity ???

  4. Ummm did they have an affair or something?
    And yea she is reeeaally a slut
    I mean come on she wants Ruge’s fiance, Ruge’s lover and now…

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