Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 145.4

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  1. I’m anxious to see how they do at this competition. She’s amazing but will her over confidence cause a problem? Will she show her face once there? I hope she does, she is a million times stronger then 5yrs ago. Thanks for the update!

  2. shipping HARD baiyue and lianyi…… also looking forword to what will be the summoning beast of lianyi(would be nice if its a dragon) khekhekheehe!!!!! AND MORe if dongling is alive(how nice it woud be if Lianyi would have saved her back then, maybe baiyue might get impressed!!)… MY IMAGINATION!!!!..(unexplorable*)

  3. Dude I have a theory. What if they King of Knight is actually beiyue’s Father but because something happened, he switched his daughter with princess long’s Daughter. And the actual baby of princess long so happens to be the girl beiyue ran away from 5 years ago. And since king of the Knight didn’t want beiyue to be found, he made her hair look like princess long’s hair color but will change back when beiyue uses the beast jade. bOOm! Mystery solved!

    1. Her changing her hair color doesn’t have anything to do with the million boundless beast jade. She does it on her own. And the girl she ran from 5 years ago was in her twenties at the time while Beiyue was only 13. There’s no f*cking way possible that nobody would notice the discrepancies between the two of them if they were to replace one another at childhood. Impossible.

  4. Pls! Let’s the ship sail for BeiYue and LiangYi..

    Yah, I agree to this. But I’m really curious about that someone inside beiyue. His looks and age, is he hondsome and powerful that can be match up with bieyue?

    Hmm… I’m looking forward to this so exciting……

    But for now I miss Liang Yi…. I can’t wait for their meet up with BieYue..

    1. at the start of the series, Bay yue / Xi Tian caught a nine star beast and had it auctioned in the Bujier clans auction house, LuoLuo is Bujier clans heir who always wanted to become a mecinary. Later he became Xi Tians apprentice…

    Luoluo and yingye like each other, and are in denial – Beiyue and Lianyi like each other, in denial, Yingye used to like lianyi, Luoluo’s mystery teacher IS STANDING NEXT TO HIM!!

  6. Yay updates.., been waiting for the updates…
    Thank you Leaf & Team for the updates, please update some more…😁✌️
    Just can’t get enough for this story…

    Anyways, what’s wrong with BeiYue..?
    Is it jealousy? Because she found out that the princess is in love with LianYi..?
    Whoaa.., don’t tell me that she’ll give up on her feeling for LianYi just because she knows that the princess love him too…
    But, please don’t…
    After all those years.., LianYi’s confessed to BeiYue and she ignored him…
    Is this gonna be some sort of a triangle love kind of thing..?
    Please let the ship sail for BeiYue & LiangYi…
    As for the princess.., she can have her own ship with LuoLuo, perhaps…
    Well, LuoLuo has a strong family background too anyway… So, why not…?! Right?! Anyone agree or disagree? For Beiyue and LiangYi then LuoLuo with the princess YingYe.
    But don’t forget that BeiYue is a princess too that still can match up with LiangYi who’ll take the throne of the Nothern country.

    1. Beiyue has always known that Yingye likes Lianyi, even from way back. It’s more like she either still doesn’t care or she hasn’t accepted her own feelings kind of thing so she’s probably confused about why it frustrates her.

      But looks likes Yingye likes LuoLuo now. Poor girl. Both her crushes like our Beiyue.

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