The Peerless Concubine Chapter 75.5

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  1. All the fake white haired daddies please sit down. For the real white haired daddy has shown us his presence.
    Also, is celestial cloud sect like one of the sub branches of the celestial sect which the mc was in during her previous life?

  2. Urghhhh can that bixxh die… I hate her… The Winged tiger clearly doesn’t like her. Ruge future hubby can you please kill those bastxxd….

  3. So the bad guys always aim to kill or severely cripple the MC, go as far as to poison her mother and cripple her brother. Even MC was left to be raped and die but all she ever does in retaliation is slap them around a bit?

    She was even so stupid and went willingly into a trap the 3 families laid out for her and only came out alive because of pure chance.

    I liked how this started out but right now, the extent of MCs backup plan is wait for ML to save her. She could have done a lot of things like asking the auction house or alchemists to take her in and protect her, using the knowledge of her last life to create polls that boost her strength for a short time, but no. All that happens is the bad guys try to kill her and she lets them go after shaming them a bit.

    1. The original didn’t come out alive; our mc is a reincarnator who took over the original ling ruge’s body and inherited her memories and feelings. Also, a quick kill isn’t very satisfying when you lay out everything. Slow and continued humiliation built up over time until they can’t contain their anger and self-destruct seems to be what she’s going for.

  4. This third brother is NOT mr shen, mr shen has red eyes and this guy has golden eyes, saying it cuz even I was confused and had to reread this chapter a few times

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