Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 220

Uncategorized / Thursday, September 19th, 2019

Please give your thanks to Reinie ! I rushed her to clean this so extra thanks plzz 😛



4 Replies to “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 220”

  1. This princess Kanyi (or Chang – whatever her name is) keeps on running her mouth without proper knowledge of the situation… how annoying!

    Thanks Reinie! Awesome job. Thanks Leaf and team!

  2. Ah, yes, this is the good stuff. Burn that stupid girl and her mother’s family, so she has to blame them at least on the surface, this is a great treat. A nice divide and conquer event, me gusta.
    And to think that the envoy princesses are helping Aheng against the Feng idiot unknowingly.
    They had it coming for a long time, and Aheng’s actions only spanked them hard, but they are not dead yet, good use of a villain entity.

    Thank you very much for this, thanks to Leaf and great thanks to Reinie for the finishing touches!

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