Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 220.5

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  1. Part of the problem, I think, is that Minister Feng’s been punched in the Face quite harshly at the moment.

    His Previous First Wife went insane and was from the Chen Family. His son from her turned out to be an incestuous rapist and got murdered by his daughter by her. So that’s out.

    Aheng’s Mother was noted to be his First Wife by Imperial Decree, and then divorced him at the same time, so that hurts his social standing. Aheng’s proven herself to be way too hard to control, while his only current son is both close to his uncontrollable and occasionally openly (and pretty much always covertly) hostile daughter to be a Proper heir for him. So that makes Aheng and her family undesirable.

    His other potential child-providers are apparently lower social ranked concubines.

    So, the Foreign Princess, who is fairly pretty and seems to be nice to him, is a breath of fresh air. Also, it’s an inverse of another’s earlier observations: Sure, Princess Kangyi is lower ranked than an Imperial Princess…but on the other hand, that means she’s actually probably more-or-less of appropriate station for a Minister.

    The fact that marrying her would presumably help the Third Prince’s plot along would just be icing on the cake.

    I doubt it’ll work out that well, of course, but I can see where the temptation is showing up for him to go ‘man, maybe I should see about marrying the fairly high ranking noblewoman from one of the subordinate nations where the Prince I’m supporting for the throne has most of his covert support hidden’.

  2. So we are going to forget that MC maid was kidnapped in that assault?
    If even the mc does not care why readers would, lol.
    It was so odd to me when it happened, it was as if they assumed she is dead and didn’t bother to look for her, just let the officials deal with it and go on with our lives.

    1. Sadly that’s how a servant’s life was considered, pretty much worthless. Remember that maid who tried to expose Chenyu and was stabbed to death by another maid on the spot? Yeah, she’s ignored too.
      Nevertheless, Aheng did indeed think about her maid and put a lot of pressure on the Shen family, so even if Aheng didn’t mention her maid, she at least cares, or cared, depends if the author himself still remembers that maid 😀

      1. That was the maid that was with mc from the beginning, the loyal one so idk about disposable but mc made it clear she wants to get her back but it seems author forgot all about it.

        1. In fact she has returned safe and sound, after putting a lot of pressure on the Chen family and trapping several of its members, they returned her in a bag, a few chapters ago, she is resting now.

      2. Have you forgotten that this maid is brought back in a sack for A-Heng? She threatened ChenYu if they don’t release her maid, she will imprisone one of Chen family each day. The shy bookworm from Chen family who used to be Minister Feng’s disciple and asked for ChenYu’s hand is in prison because of this matter. I really wonder what would happen to him, though I don’t care.

  3. tyvm for the update!!! Meh this story is becoming more sheming and less fun. Even the intrigues are less. Hope it will get better soon

  4. Duuuude, it’s her first visit in her house, u’re srsly already planning a son with her? tf?

    Thanks fot the update! U guys are aswesome!!! <3

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