Goddess Creation System Chapter 244.5

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    1. That may be true for some individuals, but there would probably be more people who would think that she did the wrong thing. Because almost all of us understand that even if we came from a harsh environment, it wouldn’t be the right thing to do. It’s not something that is easily justifiable.

    2. The difference is that Xiaxi never killed anyone, maybe lied, but she never did anybody harm(that didn’t deserve it). She also is just trying to survive. She also made their land better, whereas that woman was purely for selfish desires and did not care about the populace.

  1. she turned evil and vengeful due to her traumatizing childhood 🙁
    dad got killed serving pharoah but his family was ignored, leaving mum to die and herself turned into a slave

  2. She is bad. I get that her childhood was bad and all but instead of trying to protect her child and make him a good person, she made him delusional giving him false hope saying he is destinated to rule and all the shit. yes, she was a slave and she should understand the pain of being a slave. instead of teaching her child to free the slavery, she became a greedy bitch and told her child to rule the dessert and this kind of woman does not deserve to be burried in the royal symmetry.

  3. We really can’t blame our experiences or the situation we’re in. We’re all free to make our own choices. It’s a gift and its up to us how we use it. This Lady made her choice 🙁

  4. why is it right now about the past of that woman?
    but I do wonder, of what happened to her afterwards
    thx for the update~
    and have a nice day 🙂

  5. I would say, she supposed to be grateful for the great concubine not punished her in the spot yet forgive her so she could live on but she made the king sacrifice the great concubine in the end, so I would say she is a bad and evil person rotten to the core. You know, sometimes there is something that you cant ever saved.

  6. If you think about it there is no bad guy in this arc there is bad deeds that led to more bad deeds but in the core it wasn’t because theyvwere bad but because they were helpless and didn’t find any other solution (not that i am justifying that doing bad things is ok) but this last chapter reveales that the mother of the secomd Prince is just a commoner who fought her way up to being a concubine and wanted to change the ways of the desert like our heroine she just choose the weong way and the price character is that of child mixed with envy and a little bit of revenge from the king but that’s what his mother thought him eho knoe maybe after he leaves he will change and be a better man and basically grow up

    1. No. She’s a bad person. She murdered the Pharaoh. Yes, she had a terrible childhood but that still doesn’t excuse her from murdering the pharaoh and lying to the entire Desert. She even manipulated her own son into thinking that he was the Pharaoh. She was still young when she was picked up and became a concubine. She had many chances to change and be thankful for her life getting better, but she chose to kill him cuz her greed grew.

      1. Yes she wasn’t a good person but it was others who made her a bad person. So she can forget about how her mother died of hunger how others planned to eat her and her sister! She couldn’t forget because she was young. Childhood traumas have more impact than the adult ones and I don’t think she could forget how her mother died especially the last thing before that was her seeing the great concubine who she saw almost everyday after becoming a concubine. Still ı am curios about that man who helped her, a commoner, to become concubine and great concubine in the end.

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