The Peerless Concubine Chapter 74.5

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  1. Have some nerve calling her vicious when you lost the fight to death AND DIDNT DIE BUT GOT AWAY meanwhile if it was the other way around you’d keep attacking her.
    None of you guys have honor and are just dumb and arrogant with nothing to back it up. Shut up for once and think about your actions and how they have consequences. Who put these dumb kids on these pedestals they think they deserve jeez

  2. You guys dont get it ruge is sucking their cultivation dry at every encounter, so until it has no to little effect to get stronger she won’t kill them.

  3. Brother Yan obviously has bad taste in women but he has enough sense to know when to quit. How much you want to bet that group is counting on Elder brother Han to protect the group. Anyone that follows lil sister Bai is weak, she is just an alchemist. Her future hope for greatness is the reason her brothers are weak, listening to her.

  4. “I’LL KILL YOU!!!”
    *gets beaten with only moderate injuries*

    Seriously, why does she let these stupid pieces of scum leave? They literally don’t have enough braincells to learn. If she doesn’t kill one of those guys in the next 2 chapters I’m just gonna skip this cause it’s too annoying to read.

  5. Sigh, still just getting attacked and counter attacking. It’s like she’s playing that ape-ish game, the humankind odyssey, it gets boring VERY fast. At least give that pig who didn’t attack them a reward, by beating those idiots and leaving them to the beast. The tusks need some sharpening, right?

  6. Uh oh… I’m guessing that’s not HaoCheng… Please don’t let it be that b*tch she beat up when she first set foot in this joint… Or do…? Idk, who knows? Maybe it’ll turn out to be a mass trash dumping! x’DDDD

    1. I’m pretty sure thats the 5th brother 😂 lovely of him to come just in time to see his arrogant brother getting whooped. Thank you Leaf and team for the chapters!

      P.S.: All hail Rasengan!

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