Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 144.4

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  1. Ah, yes…now I remember…
    Thanks to Ali and Wiwat Srithongkull.

    So then, do you guys think that LuoLuo know that XiTian is actually BeiYue..?
    Does the princess know this as well, just like prince Zhanye who already know that XiTian is BeiYue..?

  2. I like the story so much. Their’s an urging excitement in me every time their are updates….

    Thanx every one for all your efforts. You’re stragles is not in vain, coz we love u’re works. I salute u guys…

  3. The bone marrow washing pills that BeiYue got from trading with the Flaming Lotus Tripod with Feng LianYi?
    She got 2 of those bone marrow washing pills, she gave 1 to DongLing (the servant before she died) and the other one (apparently) she gave it to LuoLuo? But when’s that happened? Does anyone know? Because I only remembered BeiYue gave to Dongling.

  4. I was thinking about how the guy in the beast stone was supposedly ancient but some living guys knew him then i realized its because they came from like 2000 years in the future lol so he is far older than those guys now even if he was younger

  5. Is she the princess? Prince Zhanye’s little sister..?
    The tears.., does the princess recognizes BeiYue…??

    Thanks Leaf & Team for the updates, can’t wait for the next updates…😘

  6. She is the princess. She hate Yueyue because she lied and she run away while she trusted her. She hate the masque because she remember his past but she don’t recognize her or the reunion would have been more violent. The cute princess seems to have become more wilder.

  7. I was re-reading old chapters and I found out that Yan mentioned to Bei Yue how he sealed by King of the Night and how that person died because of that. (Chapter 9 part 2)

  8. Did she know that…that is YueYue???
    Then,why did she said *Does that mean they can deceive their own family too??*??????😢 I’M CONFUSED

    1. Yeah that’s the princess but I don’t think she knows the masked person is Yue. Just that she’s reminded of Yue when she thinks about how masks hides who a person is I guess. And she’s always been sassy and blunt but she’s a good person too so her domineering personality makes her cute instead of annoying.

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