The Peerless Concubine Chapter 73.5

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  1. Oh I have been waiting for this, she knocked elder bai brother out with one hit, so you know his sister can’t fight! Kick butt Ling Ruge!!!!!

  2. *sigh* will she finally kill them this time? She’s had so many opportunities to but avoided doing so each time. I don’t wanna keep my hopes up.

  3. One wish I have, those pitiful villain idiots won’t survive, at least a couple of them must die. Beating them never taught them any decent lesson, so it needs one more step. It’s an event in the wild, where dying is very easy. I find the lack of villain death very disturbing.
    Thanks again for the update! It’s thanks to Leaf and Mr 1909, right?

    1. While I don’t find the lack of their death’s disturbing, I agree, at least cripple them and be over with this waste of pages, this story is over already, they are no longer her enemies neither in strength, backing nor recognition. The author needs to stop wasting time and move on.

  4. OMG cliffhanger alrite….OMG i hope our grl beat the Fudge out of them….cnt they see the tiger dont like them it wnts our grl brother. Like the lil Fox ran in to our grl armz away frm them loser.

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