Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 143.4

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  1. Luo Luo is a man already..(0>0)
    Looks like we got another ship to sail..(>^<)
    I don't know who to ship with Yue Yue anymore..FRUSTRATING
    Anyway,thanks for the chapters

  2. Luo Luo is the son of the owner of the auction house Huang Beiyue sold the spider in. They meet on a mission to get an ice fruit, when Luo Luo told her how to pick the fruit without it melting early in the series.

  3. so the boy on the cover was luoluo XD

    yes i agreed, the boy has grown up, and so does beiyue ^^

    aaah yhe reunion rite after she back to the outer world πŸ˜€

  4. Someone please recap on who LuoLuo is. I’m trying to remember but I’m stumped. Or just point me to which chapter I must re-read.

    1. Remember the little guy from one of the Noble families, Huang Beiyue was teaching when she was still the princess. Well she was kind of forced to teach at first but then she accepted LuoLuo as her disciple.

    2. LuoLuo is the one who helped Beiyue as Xi Tian to sell the red spider in his family auction house in chapter 8.
      And as Beiyue, LuoLuo take Beiyue on his family boat when Xiaoyao Wang has a boat trip in chapter 39.
      Then they become close and Xi Tian become his master in chapter 59.
      Hope that’ll help you to recall who LuoLuo is.. 😊

  5. wahhhhhhhhhhhh… the disciple of our fl is a grown up man now but why is it that he look so beautiful he look like a girl…..wahhhhhh im so jealous…

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