Goddess Creation System Chapter 243.5

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  1. The best thing about this series is the beginning and ending of an arc. Especially the ending, i can feel the feelings, the non volume music, it just creates an experience, i can hear the arabian singers singing in the back while the system announcement is made. its so refreshing!
    Anyways, the pharaoh seemed really sad oof.
    I really hope she marries all the guys she seduced in the end lmao.
    Anyways, new place we come!

  2. I would ship her with these guys, but I think I would only be able to truly ship her with someone when she can act like herself with them. It would suck to end up with someone that only knows a facade you put up.

  3. Almost 70 chapters in the desert, that arc was almost 1/3rd of the whole story X)
    I wonder if some of the “first” targets will come back later, to spice things up :p

  4. Hello, I have been reading this for a while and I absolutely love it. And a thought came to me, what if the final boss is also a god and he knows about the goddess creation system. I’m curious on how that would turn out.

  5. really wasn’t prepared for this…well I kinda knew that the end of this arc is nearby.. but…hmmm…no enough kinda ?

    Thanks leaf <3 <3<3

  6. So all this has been like beginner/tutorial stage? Ok that makes sense she hasn’t really struggled or encounter any truly dangerous situation/tough opponent yet

  7. she is going to Europe , she her next target is king of Britain “Arthur” ? maybe?or going to Roma to meet “Nero”…this will be Funny

  8. So europe already? What about the great sultan of arabia? Or the pharaoh of Egypt? I really wanted to see her with egyptian’s clothes. Maybe Cleopatra is already there? Or she is Cleopatra? Cleopatra was from Europe, like Rome(where xia is going )I think AND THEN she ended up with the pharaoh of Egypt, and that started the war u know what comes next. lol what a theory I have here.

  9. Yay finally done with this arc it been so good so far! Can’t wait to see who the next ML is but that was only a beginner world?! I’m shock probably get harder later on maybe there will be worlds fill with magic and such fantasy races! Thanks for the update~

  10. man.. I feel like this king was the easiest to fall. Everyone else had some mental play at work. Him, he just had to stop killing everything and think outside the box for once lol

    1. The hard part was making the contry love her. I love the way she is not playing to survive but is now trying to walk the path of a good person that leave the world better than when she arrived. (A Goddess perhaps)

  11. Kinda hoped that the white haired emperor will appear or desert king will be shown Xiaxi’s portret. I just want the arcs to somehow connected like it was when brothers appeared in emperor’s arc D:

  12. finally she made him fall in love with her
    but it is kinda sad, to be honest
    but for this to only be the beginner level?! Wow, I’m shocked
    Thx for the chapters~
    have a nice day 🙂

    1. Well, really now, she’s been in total control of the situation since like the first brother. She hasn’t truly struggled in ages, so having her only be playing on easy mode makes sense to me.

      “Yo, your girl is gone.”
      Runs around looking, people keep telling her she’s not here right now but oddly enough left him some presents she could have handed over in person.
      “Oh good she’s totally still here and loves me”

  13. And thus she leaves for new next conquest after improving a kingdom once again.

    What’ll happen if all these kings(and 2 trashy nobles) find out she’s multi-timing them? Will she get like -1 million points?

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