Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 138.8

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    1. It’s because he saved her when she was just a step away from death. It’s like she owes her life to him, she won’t be there if he didn’t save her.

  1. Hello guys im new here and i would like to know if its possible to get notifications or something similar everytime there’s a release in this web. I really enjoy this place!

  2. go xiaowan!! i hope the demon lord isnt prevent her from swimming tru the life fountain.. yeay this is getting more excited!! yan moge is about to comeback hahaha XD

    thank you so much for the update leaf-sama and team! you guys are rock~

  3. Man I wish I can travel in time just to read the future chapters. BTW, the white haired lady, I think her cultivation involves killing others and dying and rebirth. I think, don’t quote me

  4. Ahhh now I remember who that white haired girl is. Man, characters from way long ago really do blend together, don’t they? I’d completely forgotten that we had seen her before.

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