Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 218

Uncategorized / Friday, September 13th, 2019

Please give your thanks to Zoe ! 😀 I think SYDN will have a set schedule of every Wednesday + Saturday starting from now on…yeah 😀 And hope everyone’s having “fun” at school XP



5 Replies to “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 218”

  1. Is this princess aiming to be the main wife in feng family?
    If so, she must compete with Fendai’s mom, though we know that the child in her belly doesn’t belong to her hubby.

    Or she has hidden agenda, now that she mentioned yuheng’s steel making technique, does she want to steal it?

  2. Considering what she’s done and how she acted, the punishment is well deserved, but the occasion/reason is bad. The others in the feng family also need their own comeuppance.
    Thanks for the update, and special thanks to Zoe!

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