Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 218.5

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All this granny cares about is authority and money…= =”



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  1. Hahahahahaahahaha this is really funny! Considering that the whole residence isn’t even ”uncle feng’s” anymore and that the ”county” has her own owtside. Tyvm for the update

  2. Oh yeah, now everyone wants to be closer to the steel making secret. Just to mess with those plotting selfish b*stards, Aheng should speak with the emperor to share at least part of the steel making method with that country, the one whose swords MC broke. I say this only because so far that prince seems to have given up, unlike the new “friends” who suddenly pop up like daisies.
    Thanks for the update! Thanks to Leaf and Zoe!

    1. The two outsiders were not originally after the method of producing Steel, but it is on their to-do list now. Aheng is treating this entire fiasco like a play for her own entertainment and intends to see just what these two are after, but if these princesses try to step on her toes at some point… I reckon she won’t hold back like she has been when confronting the Feng family.

  3. I don’t get it. If she has such a high status why would she want to marry this dude? Because of his 1st official rank? Is it higher than a princess of Qianzhou? Or is Qianzhou plotting against (iforgotthecountry’sname)?

    1. I think the country/empire they live in is called Dashun, but not 100% sure.
      That northern country surely is plotting a lot, but I think this is also related to the 3rd prince, as they might be allies in secret. Not enough details yet, but it’s pretty sure.

      1. Probably so, and Aheng’s father is in league with the 3rd prince and spent several months in the north, who knows what happened there and what deals he made, the north expedition seamed to be more like an excuse for something else after all.

      2. Everyone here lives in DaShun, an Empire with four vassal states on it’s boarders, the frozen North, the desolate desert to the South, the advanced iron producers to the West, and while I don’t remember which kingdom is in the East (all four of these kingdoms were mentioned during the board game between Aheng and her Father Emperor in a previous chapter), but I do remember that the Bu families son who desired to marry Aheng years ago is the current general of DaShun’s eastern army.

        So to answer both Peridot and Filip. Because the North’s Qianzhou is a vassal state, the royalty of Qianzhou are a lower status than the royalty of DaShun who rule over them. The princess of Qianzhou’s status is roughly the same as a Prime Minister, she is here in DaShun as an envoy and she is a woman, which in China is basically someone with far fewer rights than a man would have.

        The Winter disaster is a prelude; as the name states, the North faced a disaster and the proof is the snow that has never appeared in the capital of DaShun finally made an appearance causing a lot of damage. We do not know the extent of the damage in the North yet, but it is a good reason for the North to try and put the 3rd prince on the throne, by doing so, the northern country can either have excessive amounts of supplies shipped North at regular intervals or simply have all their citizens move South where it is warm and have easy access to food. There are other possibilities, but everything comes down to desiring the power of DaShun for their own interests.

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