Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 140.4

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  1. I think the king of the night is the one who sealed yan, and he’s the real father of beiyue.

    Beiyue’s teacher (the beast of her mother)

    When KOTN sealed yan he died, beiyue’s mom took the sword and when she dies the sword goes to the beast which is her teacher.

  2. I believe that he sealed Yan. Also it is a possibility that he is Beiyue’s father. The current Beiyue could be a descendant and a reincarnation.

  3. what if he is her father from the modern era, he died when she was a child , isn’t it possible for him to be reincarnated from that time, if memory works right ,her parents been killed mysteriously . And about her teacher his figure is look the same as Yan figure although he was just a smoke then

  4. IMO-
    First of all, it’s not possible for him to be her Father, because it’s already been confirmed that she is the daughter of the king, her maternal uncle, and her mother.

    Secondly, It shouldn’t be Yan, because Yan has already confirmed he’s a beast at a higher level than her teacher. So, it wouldn’t make since for a beast to be in control of the ‘Beast Jade.’

    Lastly, I agree that he’s possibly the last owner of the ‘Beast Jade’ and possibly the one who sealed Yan within Beiyu.

    By the way, thanks for the great story.

    1. its not been confirmed all we know is her mother came back pregnant for all we know the general that almost killed the king could be the father but the author seems to be implying that this guy is her father we will probably learn more as the story goes on.

      1. The princess gave birth to Huang Bei Yue of this era not a red haired girl. So obviously he is not her father. The red hair is basically what she orginally is, but as a reincarnated person she has black hair. I mean she is originally born in the modern era with red hair so how is it even possible for her to have another father here other than the father of her reincarnated self

  5. The first time he appeared in a cover from earlier chapters, I assumed he’s Yan. Since his figure is in human form right. And well someone who fights as well. So is he Yan? Seems like it? If that’s the case then he was defeated by Beiyue’s mother? Can’t wait to know more of the mysteries! And I miss Mo!

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