The Peerless Concubine Chapter 69.5

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  1. why not tranzlate it?

    hǎi nà bǎi chuān
    “all rivers run into the sea
    use different means to obtain the same result (idiom)”

    “uwah meaning and definition, what is uwah: A cute way to express delight or bashfulness”

  2. inconsistent that the male doesnt angry and protect her but lets her almost get eye cut and all. usually he would be angry and move for her

    1. Meh every ML is different in each story. Either he knows she is capable in taking care of herself so he is just waiting or he waiting for the right opportunity to save her just in time and kill the fellow. As he says, the fellow won’t be one living.

      I honestly like his style so far, if he coddles her, thus making her feel restricted, she might not like him. Then again you heard what he said, he likes strong women! So I think he will trust in her abilities in some extent… Or at least until he sees that she really needs the help

    1. No, Haina Baichuan is the name of the move she’s using to absorb his qi into her own (chapter 10). The fact he recognizes the move however, is interesting, but either way I hope he doesn’t get away. Thanks for the chapters!

  3. Maybe due to all that chatting, the battle is very short, for something that is spanning a couple chapters. She really should stop being stupid and just drain all idiots of their cultivation.
    Thanks for the release, and thanks to Leaf & Mr. 1909!

    1. Exactly.
      I just can’t get why she thought such a cheat skill was useless in her previous life. Was she so strong that other people’s Qi was like a drop in the ocean for her? Then how the hell did she die in her previous life??

      1. It could be that in her previous life the skill was not very efficient compared to simply absorbing from Heaven’s and Earth or the Qi was somehow different such as being resistant or harmful when being absorbed from one body to another.

        Another possibility is that in her previous life the skill was useless, due to her having a good background and plenty of resources at her disposal. (She was in a Sect after all)

        The last possibility I can think of is that the body she inhabits just so happens to have a constitution that allows far greater efficiency at absorption than an average person or if there are demerits to using the skill, then her body is probably ignoring or nullifying said negative effects.

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