Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 139.3

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  1. Whether it’s her dad or not, does it even matter when she isn’t even the real Beiyue? Plus, the red hair is a symbol of her true identity, not from this world’s genetics

  2. I think the king of the night was the one who imprisoned “yan” inside her body and the previous owner of the million beast jade. Just a guess. Hahahaha

    1. No! the king was poisoned with the incest posion but her mother was able to find a cure that’s why the medicine pill guy wanted to take her as his disciple because till then there was no cure other and incest. The author just wanted people to think the king was her father. This king of the night guy is probably her real father, since her red hair activates when she activates her bond with ice

  3. I’ve been busy for a few days, so I am surprised to glad to see that upon return visiting the website, there are so, so many chapters that have been updated. I’ve got a lot of thanks to give and make up for.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, I’m soo happy! Thanks for the chapter update, Leaf and crew!

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