Goddess Creation System Chapter 241.5

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  1. eww…that bitch got her karma. the moronic pharoh’s mom was behind this. if she had given him the right advice and raised him well , this shouldn’t have happened. that bitch was the one responsible for the green haired guy….
    hah…reminds me of the proverb ” you reap what you sow”.
    the mother taught him wrong and now he is in wrong.

  2. the younger’s brother mother is so evil all the misfortunes in the royal family is her fault she killed the queen seduced the king and raised her son like that to make him his older brother enemy and snatch the throne of him she also poisoned the king when he was going to leave the throne for his older son what an evil woman!

    1. Agreed, she started all of this. I want her scheme to be opened to public. Including poisoining the king.
      So she will be downgraded as traitor. Moving her to mausoleum? stupid guy, you must be daydreaming.
      Its good enough she is buried decently with corpse intact. You should be grateful

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