Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 136.8

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  1. This guy is definitely CoofinFace, if you read chapter 91.3… coffinface told her that she hate a woman who wipe her family and want to revenge and that woman is currently that bitch who always wants his attention.

  2. and nah.. coffin face is senior han rite? were him still lying on the bed? bcs of the spell that blue haired bitch casted? omg who is this coffin face, i just want to see her take revenge on that woman 😆

    1. He had been healed by yan mo ge so he had lost his body and that’s why the mc is searching the lake (story track is really slipping Lol as they’re pulling the suspense and trolls)
      This demon Lord is really a mystery man I’m waiting for him to reveal himself and shock her. He’ll then probably help her find the lake…
      Probably after then the story might return to it’s track

  3. Omg, how come? First, Thankyou timelessleaf, Big Red and Zoe ♥. Second, I don’t want to think again about who’s he(demon lord). I already miss Yan Mo Ge then I hope lian wan can get yan mo ge back life

      1. Chapter 3, when she first falls into this world from the game, she meets the young boy with red hair and golden eyes who wishes to steal the mirror. That is Su Wei Li. And that white haired girl did refer to this demon king by the name of Lee. Li = Lee. But yeah, he really has changed his appearance. And admittedly she kinda has as well. Though she met him twice, once in the beginning and the second time when she stole that “key” from him to control the illusion tower in that other realm. Anyone else remember that?

        1. Me. I’ve been thinking it was him from way back when he first mentioned his connection with MC. What other male was embarrassed by her to the extent they’d develop an obsession?

  4. Guys, he’s definitely not the guy who put the mirror in her. That guy already appeared when she showed up in her old lady disguise at the banquet. The guy even called her ‘future sister-in-law’ or something along that line.

    1. He wasn’t actually there. That was her recollection of him. In her recollection, she thought, “who does this Demon Lord remind me of? There’s someone else I met who’s just like him who’s just as shameless as him.” (Or something along those lines). That’s when she pictured Li in her mind. You can tell because there was a misty distortion between her and the picture of Li.

      The reason Li referred to her as future sister-in-law is because, at the time, there appeared to be some sexual tension between her and Coffin Face, who was his martial brother. So if she married Coffin Face, she’d become Li’s martial sister-in-law, or just sister-in-law for short. If I remember correctly he even said something like, “don’t forget to invite me to the wedding.” But in reality, he was only saying all of this as a joke just to tease her. He didn’t actually mean any of it. He’s shameless, remember.

      1. Oh sht, so I was right then! I said this a few chapters ago but I thought maybe I was wrong so I actually incorrectly corrected myself XD thanks!

  5. I regret to say this hut almost of males in this story really look alike (such like they came from the same print) but I think there are only two people possible Thunderroot and coffinface.

    The story told he just came back, so this is my though. And moreover coffinface he had scars on his back just as the same to this guy. However his personality is too swift. 😅

  6. If he really is the guy from the beginning of the story, i wonder how he’d react if he found out the mirror isn’t with her anymore. 🤔

    If he’s coffinface (although i o think it’s highly unlikely) this is such a drastic personality change.

    If he’s thunder roots, that explains why there were lots of black robed men roaming around. And why they didn’t want him to teleport her to their base. If i remember correctly, the air in that place is detrimental to humans if they stay for too long.

    If it’s a guy from her world, then darn her harem is expanding.

      1. She does look different. Remember when she came out of the volcano, her hair style changed a little, and her color scheme also changed. It’s just that it wasn’t very drastic, and that she always wears the same thing every single day, so we don’t really notice.

  7. He’s the guy who put a mirror in her who fought with coffin face in the early chapter when she awaken after she fell from the cliff (before chapter 10) and he was captured by the sect and she help him escape and he gave her a book.
    Ah seems he really like her but she gonna leave with Yan moge poor him

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