The Peerless Concubine Chapter 67

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Please give your thanks to Mr.1909 ! 😀



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    1. Sorta.

      Whashername does have a crush-on-first-sight at the current Ice Prince chap.

      Ling Ruge’s ex-fiance had a crush on Whashername, to the point -everyone- knew about it even when he was Ling Ruge’s actual fiance, and Bai Whashername was perfectly willing to take advantage of that to hopefully get Ling Ruge beaten by her ex-fiance, but I don’t believe she actually went any further than ‘maybe implying she’d like him if he beat up Ling Ruge’.

  1. I can say one thing, that girl is as persistent as she is thirsty. Almost temped to say someone throw this bitch a bone so she can shut up.

    Ty for the chapters btw. We all know it is hard work for quality.

  2. Ok, the girls/women have such similar faces it’s very confusing, but I think the rejected one in here is the same which the former fiance of Ling Rouge likes, and a ‘future alchemist’ or so. Seems the event is definitely going to be interesting.
    Thanks for the release, and special thanks to Mr.1909! The same person from the previous chapter?

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