The Peerless Concubine Chapter 67.5

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  1. If I had to listen to this bull crap everyday I would pack up my family and move to another village, maybe move to were Shen is from. It has to a lot quieter than this place, too many stupid relatives & acquaintances.

  2. tsk tsk.
    Ruge can beat you up 10 times, Gentleman Shen can kill your whole family, and you still come back to fight them, because why not?
    What is wrong with these people?

  3. When I was learning Martial Arts, I was toldd that it is a form of discipline.. but in here, it is a form of bullying.. 😏 oh well~ thanks for the upload and for sharing~

  4. So far I am trusting Fifth Brother not to be a mole and am glad he’s sticking up for Ruge.
    I am absolutely WAITING for the day/chapter Ruge kicks allllll the asses of those degenerates starting with that fake bitch wearing white. “GeNtLeMaN ShEn I’m sO ThiRsTy foR yOu~” stfuuu girl. The only person that likes you is Thirft Store Barney and Ruge already publically beat *his* ass.

    –Thanks for updating !!

  5. They don’t have any shame. She just beat the elder brother who’s a top student and they think they can win against her?? They’re just like a dog who can only barking. Shame Shame.

  6. Wth didnt name any names when she literally just said the fl name and how can these lowly trash talk stuff like that when the fl lead literally beat the head of the disiples in a life or death match so much that the elders had to step in stop him from dieing. So everyone at the northstar should know her and how strong she is so why is trash nobody cares about sprouting nonsense

    1. tbh i think that they’re just tryna provoke her to do something and then blame her and use that for an opportunity to get rid of her. do u remember when she beat her ex fiancé ppl were using that as an excuse to kill her

  7. Thank you for the chapters !!
    Wait is he deaf or what ? She didn’t name any names ? She just clearly told she was talking about Ling Ruge lol.

  8. This is what happens when main characters let trash continue to live. You either take them out so their mouths never move again or beat them thoroughly enough so that they are afraid to even whisper bad things about you.

  9. Ah yes, the old but gold b*tch barking. Ops, I didn’t mean to offend any female dogs. Really hoping for some very special energetic monsters out there, just to capture those females and play with them.
    Again, thanks for the update, and extra thanks to Mr.1909! Who will be the next one?:D

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