Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 137.4

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  1. Haha she’s funny. She don’t like betrayal but she betray her only family (maid dongling) she left her maid without even trying to find her. I wouldn’t be surprise if those would end up like the maid.

    1. wow did you not read? she needed to fight honglian but realized shes too strong and couldn’t defeat her. if she had continued chasing dongling she would just die a miserable death.
      she needed to get strong.

  2. the gem was useless for her? i think she should have used it? and she didnt even have a thought to get it herself, but her pet did. thats just not sense

    1. She already had the tiger’s godly core (XiaoHu’s mother). Besides, she’s supposedly strong already after 5 yrs of training.

  3. Is there a point in her hair changing anymore? Sheโ€™s showing strength and the ability to use her skills even with beiโ€™s hair… and how is it that she has trained for 5yrs with her teacher, but she still canโ€™t fight alone??

    1. Its a rank 6 divine beast she took advantage of her resources although i dont like her letting them follow they will just get in the way

    1. A small group can accomplish more than a single person will. Plus she needs loyal followers to possibly pass on her techniques eventually.

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