Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 137.4

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  1. the gem was useless for her? i think she should have used it? and she didnt even have a thought to get it herself, but her pet did. thats just not sense

    1. She already had the tiger’s godly core (XiaoHu’s mother). Besides, she’s supposedly strong already after 5 yrs of training.

  2. Is there a point in her hair changing anymore? Sheโ€™s showing strength and the ability to use her skills even with beiโ€™s hair… and how is it that she has trained for 5yrs with her teacher, but she still canโ€™t fight alone??

    1. Its a rank 6 divine beast she took advantage of her resources although i dont like her letting them follow they will just get in the way

    1. A small group can accomplish more than a single person will. Plus she needs loyal followers to possibly pass on her techniques eventually.

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