Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 136.5

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  1. Pretty sure they said his name in a earlier chapter definitely not coffinface also he has been demonlord for 4 years once again ruling out coffinface and he doesnt look like thunderroot but thats still possible i mean do we even know thunderroots name

  2. screaming to myself lol. and damn every one is smart in the comment section. i love to read the theories- so interesting! Im pretty convinced it’s coffin face

    1. I think he’s not coffin face he is the guy he fought in chapter 3. Coffin face still in a coma the white hair girl report it to demon lord im not so sure since i cant read Chinese..

  3. Really want to know what happened to Coffinface that made him into demonlord. I thought he gave up the idea of feelings towards Xiowan, guessed it did not work and he still retain “feelings” towards her 😅

    Thanks leaf and team ♥️😍

  4. now im really sure demon lord must be coffinface ~ his hair style, his scars, and his past who hated the demon monarch so much
    arghhh i want moreeee xD
    thanks for the updates~

  5. Oh my God ! Oh my Lord ! Its that what I want in a long time!! Aiyaa, But this is too much, oooooh i’m shy read this Chapter was so Greeeaaat ! Wkwkwk so hilarious. Thankyou timelessleaf, Zoe and Big Red 😘

  6. LMAO…that is too funny. I can’t wait for the next updates.


    Thank you for the updates Big Red and Zoe!!!❤❤❤

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